Exhibition 20.04. - 03.05.2013

from: <********>
date: 7 Dec. 2012 10.25
subject: A Curator - Exhibition proposal for 2013

Dear Gallerist,

this is a proposal for the group exhibition A CURATOR.
I hope that the proposed works by:

Kitty Clark
Joseph Buckley
Amalie Jakobsen
Oskar Jönsson
Nick Crowe & Ian Rawlinson

will arouse your curiosity.

The works will travel to Berlin. Packed into crates in studios, they will be sent, unpacked. Together in an unfamiliar place, they will share, and be exposed to the new context of Berlin. Along the way their dynamic might evolve into an argument: a rising of voices or, perhaps, an agreement of sorts. We cannot surely know: for they have not yet existed within the same room.

As of now, they are as you see them, within this document, their conversation yet to come to fullness. They are waiting to agree or disagree. No conclusions are currently available to be drawn.

Before you even choose to open the attached document you may have begun to generate certain ideas as to it’s nature and it’s characteristics. However this is not an ordinary proposal made by one person, the curator. This proposal has no singular origin, the I is They.

In your process of making sense of these works, of generating a bond between them, they might attempt to turn their backs to you, try to resist this reading. For whilst these works may appear slippery, or evasive, I ask you to remain steadfast.

These are the documentation of things yet to happen. These are the outlines, the traces, the rough sketches, of those that have the potential to be.

Please get back to me if you can imagine being their host.

Kind Regards,

Installation view coming up.

This text will be replaced