We are wild little things, our generation. Pleasure monsters with a real Vollgas attitude. From the little candy-craving Hansel & Gretel to the fourth ring of purgatory, the mortal sin greed is engrained in our being from child to adulthood.

The Greek God Plutus, king of greed, focused solely on material wealth, but as we look to the German tongue, there are at least five subcategories to fall victim to:

Sexgier [sexual greed]
Geldgier [greed for money]
Vergnügungsucht [greed for pleasure]
Machtgier [greed for power]
Profitgier [greed of gain]

You may not have an overwhelming desire for more money, but do
consider the three people you were shamelessly dating all at once, or your
insatiable desire to party every single weekend because you are terrified of missing out on something everyone else might experience. We can be just as greedy for sensations as we can for a bigger paycheck.

As long as everyone is striving for more our world keeps evolving, and the only downside is the rich getting richer and maybe some comically unrealistic expectations in what a comfortable living actually is.

At the very least greed supports unnecessary pleasures, and who doesn’t love themselves some of that every now and again?

Cash, Cristal, Sex & All-You-Can-Buy fo 50¥€$!

team titanic held 2 evenings full of overindulgence in September making us all feel a little better about wanting more. Black-lit lottery games, a feast of succulent treats and a storm of information glowing in the dark permitted all guests to feed their inner demons.

Installation view GRΣΣD - Mortal Sin. Hubris. Drive. 21.09.2012
Installation view MEAT & GRΣΣD. 05.10.2012

They say: Money makes money.
We say: Conviction makes love.

Text by: Kali Emerald Fisher