Exhibition: 27.07. - 01.08.2013
Verena Ledig & Katharina Knaus

Installation view

The desire to have children is basically selfish.
Parthenogenesis as a next step for self-preservation is therefore the type of reproduction, which will eventually prevail. Parthenogenesis is a form of unisexual reproduction from unfertilized egg cells.
So far it is mainly practiced by plants and animals.

Experimental parthenogenesis is about the production of the artificial parthenogenesis - for instance by electromagnetic pulses, or by the oscillation light.

Another form of isolation mechanism is the practice of thorough and unrestricted self-use, which is achieved through existential sustainability. By simultaneously extracting and consuming own body streams a cycle is constructed, which prevents waste and invites to radical self-indulgence.

In TALES °F TOMORROW Katharina Knaus and Verena Ledig deal with effective reproduction methods and their opponents, as well as isolation mechanisms in regard to profound sustainability.

Sincerely yours
the °ffspring
aka †eam †itanic