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24.01.2014 | Performance series at Kühlhaus Berlin
31.01.2014 | Exhibition & Lecture Program opening at team titanic

Jupiter has no solid visible surface. It is heavier than all planets of our solar system put together. To travel to Jupiter it would take 70 years, back and forth.


Vital signs are measures of various physiological statistics in order to assess the basic body functions. The act of taking vital signs normally entails recording body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate. Vital signs often vary by age.


Mendel's offsprings: Self-healing polymers, cartilage tissue engineering and digital biological converters enabling biological teleportation. Synthetic biology allows to reprogram living organisms with the purpose of generating custom-made materials.

In collaboration with KÜHLHAUS BERLIN team titanic is excited to present a two parted sound & performance program for the upcoming issue VITAL FUNCTIONS. The kick-off evening on January 24th will premiere sonic relieves at the former cold storage at Gleisdreieck, followed by a lecture & exhibition series opening on January 31st at the gallery space in Neukölln.
Freeze your brains and raise your heart beats.

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Wir rufen Dich, Galaktika / vom fernen Stern Andromeda