ISSUE NO. 4 | ☼ ⚡ ☪ ☁ ☂ ☇ WEATHER FORECAST ☄ ☁ ☀ ☇ ☂ ☂☼ ☪

For centuries, people whose lives and livelihoods depended on the weather, relied on lore to foretell tomorrow's weather. They showed a keen sense of observation and quickly connected changes in nature with rhythms or patterns of weather. Farmers watched cloud movement and the sky colour to know when to sow and reap. Mariners noted wind shifts and watched wave motions for signs of change. Hunters studied the behaviour of insects and animals and, through repeated observation, learned to foretell the weather.

The weathergirls say it´s raining men from Japan. And the forecast is deep. House.

On January 18th SEA OF TREES set MIPCCITD* sound to the cheeriest, most infectious blood bath in history – THE HOUSE aka HAUSU.
* Melodramatic-Instrumental-Post-Country-Cry-In-The-Dark
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On Febuary 9th team titanic held a spring ceremony. BIRDS & BALLERINAS intertwined the indie-electro-noise of ORNIS with the infinite melody of art-rock-project from BALLET SCHOOL and Half-House-Quarter-8-Bit-all-Juke sound of Berlin based producer and DJ 10FOOTBALLERINA. Eargasmic forecast 2013.
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