team titanic is a non-profit institution.
It aims to support its artists by presenting and selling their works.
Yet team titanic welcomes any support that keeps the space and spirit running.

All on board, support us with your memberSHIP. If you like what we're doing and want our visions to come to life, back us with a donation. Help us realize exhibitions, performances and readings and make sure that we can keep our diverse program going and stay independent. Your contribution means a lot and ensures that our ††s stay alive. We are happy to attest every donation with a receipt. Donations are tax-deductible.

Lifebag. Donate 25€ and receive a †† tote.
Double-glossy, double-religious, double-undoubtable

With a donation of >100€ you obtain a limited edition from our artist roster.
Let there be oil, pixels and kilograms.

Support team titanic on a longterm basis. With an annual subscription of 50€ you'll become a member of our crew, get a †† tote and exclusive offers for our artworks, editions and events.