Opening: 25.10.2013 | 7pm
Exhibition: 26.10. - 03.11.2013

w/ Silas Fong, Ann Hirsch, Jann Holstein, Andy Kassier, Leslie Kulesh, David Lichter, Georgy Maysuradze, Aude Pariset, Yves Scherer, Addie Wagenknecht & Pablo Garcia

Installation view

✔ ††: Your Brand New Household Home Improvement Hardware Shop

✔ On offer among others: %% Sexcam Performers %% Nylon Meditation Thrones %% Deco Busts %% Relags Travel Chairs %%

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Communication technologies depend on hardware.
Multinational corporations depend on hardware.
Military power depend on hardware.
Welfare state apparatuses depend on hardware.
Religious evangelism depends on hardware.
Commercial pornography depends on hardware.

Everything one can touch [#buy], is usually referred to as hardware. Everything one cannot touch [but #buy] is usually referred to as software which navigates this hardware.

Yet, the division between the physical components and the immaterial element gets more and more blurry. Not only because the components become smaller and smaller, shoving physical and non-physical closer to one another. In order to understand the connection between the two one needs to pay keen attention to the psychology of appreciation [#value]. As a result the classification of URL and IRL may become superfluous. The physical presence of the displayed products open the field for this interrelation.

Pixels, oil and kilograms as always served with drinks.
Sincerely yours
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team titanic