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Expand your entertainment options exponentially.

Exhibition CARMEN SCHOLLE: 12. - 14.04.2013
Performance ANKLEPANTS: 12.04.2013

Unlock a world of TV & choose from a full cart of broadcasting.
Ready to watch when you are.

You don´t enjoy the problems of others. Just switch.
Expect a trip through the hottest shows, catch up on your favorite series or rediscover all-time classics.
All brought to you by one producer.
Get ready to sprinkle yourself.

Installation view here

Anklepants is a live electronic music machine.
From deep in the australian bush comes a nicé exotic shapeshifting convict with no facé of genre. Anklepants is a perfect specimen. An array of audio hosts and hardware instruments/ synthesizers, including guitar, oud, voice, animal sounds, field recordings & custom electronic music.
Physical computing. Mutated toys.