ISSUE #11 | IN | VEN | TUR
An Exhibition Of Things That Remain After An Exhibition

Exhibition: 06.07. - 12.07.2013
Opening: 05.07.2013 | 7pm
Concert Grischa Lichtenberger: 05.07.2013 | 9pm
experimental dj-set

A painter brings ten works to an exhibition. For a couple of days they remain in the gallery. People roam in between the images: Enjoying them, maybe discussing their appearance or flirting in front of them. One or two of the paintings might even change hands and the 'inventions' of the painter become part of some other person's inventory. When the exhibition is over the artist takes down all the other works and brings them back home. After some years he faces the limits of his storage. Although he has sold some of his work, most of it remained with him. Instead of his usual concern for the paintings themselves - how they look, how to paint, how to finish them, what they might tell and what they won't - he now wonders how to paint again at all.

Installation I: 'all images'
Installation II: 'DIA 13.08.1993'
Sound '0.003 seconds of all files', stacks and rudiments