BLOCK BIENNALE: 29.-30.11.2013

Stoic as fuck, with a baby face and a set of blue-collar shoulders, Ellison Renee Glenn aka Black Cracker (formerly Celena Glenn) rocks a swag aesthetic that lies somewhere between Dipset and Blackbox. Currently living between Berlin and Lausanne, but based professionally out of NYC, he works as a producer/MC/writer and has collaborated with the likes of Cocorosie, Creep, Bunny Rabbit and Grand Pianoramax, among others. Black Cracker is known as an unconventional yet highly appreciated artist who knows how to translate studio time into energetic stage performances - one of the reasons why artists like Slick Rick, Grimes, Trust and many enjoyed sharing the stage with him. His work has recently been covered in the New York Times and Vice Magazine as well as on CNN.

rROXYMORE, aka Hermione Frank, released her epic 10 minute debut “Wheel of Fortune“ in the summer of 2012, which came via a split 12” alongside Planningtorock’s ‘Patriarchy Over & Out” (Human Level / DFA Records). Her music is a intriguing one-off blend of contrasting textures - organic and synthetic, icy and warm - a fresh future step in dance music. Frank began producing music back in Montpellier together with a friend in a disused garage - a starting point that can still be traced within the atmosphere of her music. Her music maintains a raw, almost dirty quality, which merges uniquely together with deeply stirring and psychedelic energy. Back in the garage where Frank made her first musical steps, she was using the Akai 950 and Cubase on Atari - these two instruments allowed her to dig deep into sample culture. Between long raves, diaphoretic live shows, DJ sets, garage sessions and countless hours in the studio, Frank soon left all sampling behind and began to play feelings direct via her synthesises.

Combining fragments of electronic inspiration with a lifetime of classical indoctrination Berlin-based violinist amy heaton creates experimental ambient drones primarily as one third of the band Ornis.

Pussykrew (Tikul and Jendrek aka mi$ gogo) is Berlin based multimedia-artist-duo, exploring areas of live audio-visual performance / video installations / DIY electronics. Started in 2004 with hacked vhs players, now using both ‘traditional’ and custom made tools and patches, Pussykrew is creating gender-bending visual journeys, filtered through carnal data mesh, liquid apocalyptic dysphoria and some 3d fantasy shuffle. They merge the erotic and the ethereal of sterile cinematic poetry, mixing maximalist sensations of glitch with minimalist destructiveness. Pussykrew had a pleasure to work with : Leila (Warp Records), HTRK (Work tour 2011, Ghostly International), Raime (Blackest Ever Black), Oni Ayhun amongst others and presented their works on many events around the globe.

Aphorisms, love-songs, voicemails, quotes and slogans lose or gain value depending on how they are re-arranged and performed – Lippard reclaims language for her own end to try and overcome any overruling claim to authorship. At times graphic, playful and intimate, this is an artist using language in all its forms in an effort to create an original aesthetic of the word.
Hanne Lippard (1984, Milton Keynes, UK) graduated from the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 2010. Her most recent exhibitions have been in Exile, Berlin, Meat Factory, Prague, Minibar Art Space, Stockholm, Spike Island, Bristol and Marres, Maastricht. She has most recently performed at Offprint, Paris, Berliner Festpiele, Badische Kunstverein, Karlsruhe, ARCO Madrid 2012, The Showroom, London, and Poesia en Voz, Mexico City. Hanne Lippard lives and works in Berlin.

RAMZI is the solo project of Phoebé Guillemot, a Montreal based self-taught composer. She began exploring the software Ableton Live about seven years ago with the intuition that strangely electronic music would bring her closer to her ideal of organic and spiritual music. She spent a few years searching to define her own sound, discovering the endless possibilities of midi technologies, sampling foreign instruments and slicing obscure world music from the Caribbean, Africa, and South-East-Asia. What came out is this lysergic tropical musical world integrating elements of psychedelic world-beat, dub, jazz fusion, glitch, and video game music.

With a focus on choreographing, performing, and creating video art, Shaymaa is a multidisciplinary artist coming form a visual arts background interested in integrating divers disciplines in her creations. She is always motivated and inspired by working collectively, while developing personal work in an organic build up process where each project is the paving the way for the next. Shaymaa had the pleasure to be hosted as a resident artist, take part in festivals, perform and share choreographic work in Cairo, Alexandria, Paris, Marseille, Avignon, Picardy, Düsseldorf, Vienna, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Colorado.

Artun Alaska Arasli (1987, Ankara) graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam in 2011 and was awarded the annual Gerrit Rietveld Prize in the category of Autonomous Arts. He has previously exhibited at Amstel 41 (2011, Amsterdam) and Villa de Bank (2011/2012, Enschede). Arasli will be studying at the Frankfurt Städelschule as a guest student in 2013. He currently lives and works in Amsterdam.

Simon J. Paetau was born in Bonn in 1986, as a son of a German father and a Colombian mother. Since 2006 he has realized projects in Colombia, Brazil, Cuba and Germany. His last shortfilm MILA CAOS was invited to several International Film Festivals including Cannes, MoMA andRotterdam. From March 2012 onwards, Simon is developing his First Feature Film at the Résidence du Festival de Cannes in Paris.

John Holten's first novel The Readymades was published in 2011, and most recently he has written fictional or immersive texts for the artists Darri Lorenzen, Jani Ruscica, Lorenzo Sandoval and The LGB Group. His work has been included at Malmö konsthall (Toves Galleri), The White Building London (PYRAMID SCHEMES | a collective cityscape), David Zwirner Gallery New York (with Aengus Woods) and NGBK Berlin, amongst other places. In 2009, Holten co-founded Broken Dimanche Press in Berlin as a continent wide fictional publishing platform, of which currently he is the Editor-in-Chief.